Sunday, July 13, 2003

Back to Life

One week in bed...low life...low blood pressure...low heart rate...

They told me I have a hyper sensitive Vagus Nerve which leads to low blood pressure (as low as 80/50) and heart rate (as low as 36/minute)

So what, It's definitly not causing me much of the "Will I DIE" concerns, but it keeps me safe from the more difficult question : "WILL I LIVE"

I want to live...I want to live more...MORE MORE MORE everyday.

While in bed, I started organizing my old files (Old for me is 13 to 7 years ago). WOW, have I lived so much. A full experience of love, joy, hurt, failure, dreams (mostly unachieved) and achievements (mostly unexpected). I did live, I have lived, I'm ALIFE.

I can't claim my body is as enthustiastic as my soul right now, but gradually it will learn to cooperate, won't it?

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